Filmed on location at George Square, Glasgow and Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland, Kelvin's "Last Christmas" single is now available to buy on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.

All of Kelvin's music is now available to stream on Spotify.

Listen to Kelvin's singles "The Girl Of My Best Friend", "White Horses" (Official TV Series Theme Song), "Last Christmas" and albums "Forever: The Collection", "Maybe I'm Falling In Love", "The Life You Dream Of", "When You Call It Love" on the Spotify music streaming site here:

Kelvin MacGregor on Spotify

You can also listen to songs and watch music videos in the MUSIC and VIDEOS section on Kelvin's website.

On a research trip for my new novel, against the backdrop of snow-capped Scottish islands. Researching new locations can often lead to fresh, unexpected and exciting ideas for settings in your novels. Let your imagination take you to places you have never been before.



New novel news! All those months of writing to a strict daily discipline has finally paid off. I have an almost-finished book. I'm now editing the manuscript as I strive to meet my deadline to complete the novel.

From Bill Wright, creator of the Nimrod Fox cartoon series, we're pleased to present a new animated video for Kelvin MacGregor's song 'Story Of My Life', from the album 'Forever: The Collection'.

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Kelvin has been filming new videos for his songs on location on the beautiful west coast of Scotland.

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It’s such an honour to be awarded a Writers' Bursary by the Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland) on the strength of a work-in-progress to write a new novel.  

The Scottish Arts Council recently merged with Scottish Screen to form Creative Scotland, a new public body that supports the arts, screen and creative industries across all parts of Scotland.  I am truly grateful to accept this prestigious award which helps to champion, encourage, inspire and promote future talent.

Thank you so much Creative Scotland for your support and the faith you have shown in my fiction writing.

I really want to make good on this pledge by Creative Scotland.  I am excited to tell you that I have nearly finished this new novel.  I cannot wait to share my story with you.


You can find out more about this great organisation Creative Scotland here:

And also more about my novel writing in the BOOKS section of my website.

I was inspired to write 'Heaven' for 'The Lovely Bones' movie and thrilled the song was used to promote the film during its worldwide theatrical and DVD release.  'Heaven' was featured on the 'The Lovely Bones' Myspace music page for over a year. It's still so awesome to see all those videos of Saoirse Ronan from the film on YouTube next to my own video for ‘Heaven’, and very humbling how the song is still so popular.

Watch my video for HEAVEN (The Lovely Bones movie song) here.

Based on the bestselling novel by Alice Sebold and adapted for the screen by Academy Award winning director Peter Jackson, 'The Lovely Bones' is the story of Susie Salmon, a young girl who watches over her family and friends from the place between Heaven and Earth as they struggle to move on with their lives and she comes to terms with her own death. The film stars Saoirse Ronan, Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci.

Both a spiritual and inspirational song, many people have found 'Heaven' uplifting and comforting for dearly missed loved ones.

The video for 'Heaven' was filmed in Ayrshire, on the west coast of Scotland; with additional photography in the South of France at St Michel Cathedral, Sospel; and the two Lerins Islands (Iles de Lerins) off the coast of Cannes.

St Patrick studied his faith at the Monastery and the Monk's Chapel on St Horate Island and the castle on St Marguerite Island is famous as the place where the Man In The Iron Mask was imprisoned.

'Heaven', from my second album 'The Life You Dream Of', remains one of my most popular Top Songs on iTunes. You can download the song on iTunes or stream on Apple Music here:

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The Herald newspaper offices in Renfield Street, Glasgow, where I've enjoyed writing some of my best journalism.


 The Herald is one of the UK's leading quality national daily newspapers.

View some of the articles I’ve written for The Herald, Elle, Cosmopolitan and other publications in the NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE CUTTINGS section.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and exciting New Year!


Kelvin's interview with bestselling author Stephen King was published in several international newspapers and magazines including Empire, The Herald, Sunday Post Magazine, French VSD.


View some of Kelvin's interview clippings by clicking the NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE CUTTINGS section at the top left of this page.

At Waterstone’s bookstore Glasgow with a 'friendly' Dalek from the cult Doctor Who sci-fi TV series, now celebrating its 50th anniversary year.

Kelvin's interview with supermodel Kate Moss was published in several international magazines including ELLE, and was translated for French Entrevue magazine.

View some of Kelvin's interview clippings by clicking the NEWSPAPER & MAGAZINE CUTTINGS section at the top left of this page.

'Forever: The Collection', the new album from Myspace Top 10 Indie Artist Kelvin MacGregor, is now available to buy at iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and all other online music stores as well as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Prime and other music streaming sites.

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Featuring film footage of Kelvin in the recording studio, at rehearsals and live on stage, 'A Funny Kinda Feelin' is the new iTunes-exclusive single from the forthcoming new Kelvin MacGregor album 'Forever: The Collection' out April 28.

Download 'A Funny Kinda Feelin' now and preview/pre-order 'Forever: The Collection' on iTunes

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Kelvin's new exclusive iTunes single 'A Funny Kinda Feelin' is available now ahead of the official release date of his new album 'Forever: The Collection' out on April 28.

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Kelvin is #1 Pop / Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter on the ReverbNation music chart.

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FIRSTPOST news features Kelvin's "White Horses" TV song.

We’re pleased to announce that the music video for Kelvin’s single“White Horses” (Official TV Series Theme Song) has made Best Apple Videos at the Apple Collection on iTunes!

Watch "White Horses" (Official TV Series Theme Song) here - more music videos in the VIDEOS section.

Kelvin's Xmas single "Last Christmas" is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores.

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"Last Christmas" and back catalogue of albums on iTunes

Kelvin's new single "The Girl Of My Best Friend" is available to buy on iTunes, Amazon and other online stores from April 28.

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Kelvin MacGregor on Amazon

We're thrilled to announce that Kelvin is a Top 10 Indie Music Artist on the Myspace music charts!

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We're very pleased to announce the new official KELVIN MACGREGOR [DOT] COM website for Kelvin's music, books, newspaper and magazine journalism.

On the site, you'll find a music player, videos, photos, press cuttings, blog, news section - pretty much everything!

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