White Horses

by Kelvin MacGregor

Released 2011
Released 2011
A contemporary singer-songwriter with a refreshing throwback retro sound of innovative acoustic, pop, rock songs given a cool modern spin.
A Myspace Top 10 Indie Artist, Kelvin MacGregor is a new and exciting Indie recording artist producing and releasing his own music independently.

A contemporary singer-songwriter with a refreshing throwback retro sound, Kelvin's innovative acoustic, pop, rock songs are given a cool modern spin with catchy tunes, strong, driving beats and heartfelt emotive lyrics delivered with his distinctive soft vocal.

Kelvin MacGregor’s single "White Horses" is the official TV series theme song.

“White Horses” written by Michael Carr and Ben Nesbit, published by Glenwood Music Corp, and recorded under licence by Kelvin MacGregor through Limelight and RightsFlow, Inc.

“White Horses” produced and performed by Kelvin MacGregor.

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